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Biography Of King Jay-Zee: Early Life, Musical Career

Biography Of King Jay-Zee
Biography Of King Jay-Zee: Early Life, Musical Career

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James Zombo, known professionally as King Jay-Zee, is a Sierra Leonean singer and songwriter. 

Early Life:

King Jay-Zee was born on December 24th, 1992 (age 30 years), in Soro Gbema, Pujehun District, Sierra Leone. He began recording music at a young age of 15 and has since released collaborative songs with music colleagues and friends while coming up as an artist.

Educational Background:

Jay-Zee, Started Schooling at the Young Muslim Primary School in Kenena Sierra Leone, where he completed his primary school from 1998- 2004.
He latter moved to the capital city of Sierra Leone, Freetown to continue his education.
He started his Junior Secondary school at the Methodist Boys High School Kissy Mess Mess, Freetown, Sierra Leone in 2005- 2010, where he completed both his Junior and senior secondary school in Freetown Sierra Leone.
He later Studied Information Technology (I.T) at Twins School of Computer and Technology in 2012, where he got his first Diploma in Information Technology ( I.T) .
A photo of King Jay-Zee

Musical Career:

King Jay-Zee’s music career has been a success since he entered professional music spotlight in 2020, he has since gathered an impressive fan base for his music.
King Jay-Zee is Versatile in several music genres like; Zouk, afrobeats, reggae, R & B, Dancehall, Hip hop, his style is a mix and fusion of different African sounds brought together in a unique way.

Background Information:

Birth name: James Zombo
Stage name: King Jay-Zee
Date of birth: December 24th, 1992 (30 years) Soro Gbema, Pujehun District, Sierra Leone.
Parents: Solomon Zombo, Mamie Zombo.
Siblings: Susan Zombo, Abubakarr Zombo, Aminata Zombo
Genres: Zouk, afrobeats, reggae, R & B, Dancehall, Hip hop.
Occupation(s) : Singer, Songwriter, Music video director.
Years active: 2020 – Present
Label: High Spirit Music ( H.S.M)

More Photos of King Jay-Zee:

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