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AudioMack Launches ‘Supporters’ Feature To Enable Artists Generate New Revenue Stream & Connect With Fans


What is Audiomack;

Audiomack is a youth-driven, artist-first music streaming platform that allows creators to share unlimited music and podcast content for free, launched in 2012, currently reaches more than 20 million monthly users globally.


What is Audiomack Supporters feature?

The new “Supporters” feature enables artists to directly engage with their fans when a new music is released, express their appreciation for direct support through a variety of messaging options, while creating brand new monetization opportunities for the creator community and bringing dedicated fans closer to the music and artists they love.

“With Supporters, Audiomack is treating artists as they see themselves — as entrepreneurs building profitable careers,” said Dave Macli, Audiomack co-founder and CEO.

Dave Macli, Audiomack co-founder and CEO.
Dave Macli, Audiomack co-founder and CEO.


How the Audiomack Supporters feature works;

Fans can participate in Supporters by purchasing support badges for individual song and album releases.

Once a fan buys a badge, their contribution is forever memorialized on their Audiomack profile and the artist’s individual song or album page.

To help fans showcase their support, across social media, Audiomack provides custom shareable graphics.

Supporters are ranked on three levels:

First: The first supporters for a release

Top: Supporters who contributed the most

Latest: The most recent supporters

How to participate in Audiomack Supporters Program;

To participate in Supporters, artists must apply for and gain access to Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP), or distribute their music to Audiomack through participating partners, including but not limited to Warner Music Group, Amuse, AudioSalad Direct, DistroKid, EMPIRE, FUGA, Stem, and Vydia.

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