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“Don’t use me to chase clout” – Uriel strikes back at Erica

“Don’t use me to chase clout” – Uriel strikes back at Erica

BBNaija’s Uriel has issued a comeback to Erica’s accusation, originating from a video where Uriel discussed Pere’s physique.

Erica had voiced her disapproval, claiming that Uriel had engaged in body-focused discussions about various men, despite previously shaming her.

The contretemps began when Erica, reacting to Uriel’s commentary on Pere’s attributes, accused the artist of hypocrisy, pointing out Uriel’s past actions of body-shaming.

Erica claimed that Uriel’s recent behavior contradicted her previous stance, thereby implying a lack of consistency.

Uriel, in her response, took a stern tone, cautioning Erica against attempting to gain clout at her expense. She defended her previous remarks as merely answering a question posed to her.

Uriel continued that she was not seeking attention but merely engaging in a discussion prompted by external queries.

She wrote;

“I’m not the one to come for I answered a honest question. Don’t use me to chase All star clout Period. Let me go bk to signing my deals. Pot calling kettle black.”

See below;


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