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Movie: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005) Full Movie Download Mp4

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005) Full Movie Download Mp4

Download Movie: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005) Mp4, Netflix, blu-ray, 1080p, 720p, 480p, Hd, MKV.


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Two years have passed since the final battle with Sephiroth. Though Midgar, city of mako, city of prosperity, has been reduced to ruins, its people slowly but steadily walk the road to reconstruction. However, a mysterious illness called Geostigma torments them. With no cure in sight, it brings death to the afflicted, one after another, robbing the people of their fledgling hope.


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Cast: Takahiro Sakurai – Cloud Strife (voice), Maaya Sakamoto – Aeris Gainsborough (voice), Ayumi Ito – Tifa Lockheart (voice), Tsuduruhara Miyuu – Marlene (voice)

Country: Japan

Duration: 101 min.

Style: visually appealing, exciting, stylized, tense, suspense, adult animation, dark, clever, sincere, melancholic …

Audience: teens, kids

Plot: heroic mission, motorcycle chase, video game, rescue, fantasy world, creature, androids and robots, fight, enemy, adventure, heroes, warrior, future dystopia, monster, plague, superhero, city in ruins, threat, sword fight, chase, catastrophe, martial arts, dragon, ninja, distopia.

Time: future

Place: japan

Language: Japanese


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