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Movie: Hostel (2005)

Hostel (2005) Full Movie Download Mp4

Hostel (2005) Full Movie Download Mp4

Stream or download the Movie: Hostel (2005) Mp4 480p, Blu-ray 720p, 1080p HD MKV.

Best friends Josh (Derek Richardson) and Paxton (Jay Hernandez) plan to spend the summer after college graduation on an all-out backpacking trip across Europe.

While stopping in Amsterdam to indulge their tastes for drugs and sex, they meet Oli (Eythor Gudjonsson), a like-minded traveler from Iceland.

When the three bachelors depart to research enticing rumors of a Slovakian hostel during a city populated by lusty women, they find themselves drawn unwittingly into a deadly game.


Genre: Horror

Stars: Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson

Director: Eli Roth

Release Date: 2005/2006

Runtime: 94mins

Language: English


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