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Movie: Malcolm X (1992)

Malcolm X (1992) Full Movie Download Mp4

Malcolm X (1992) Full Movie Download Mp4

Download Movie: Malcolm X (1992) Mp4 480p, Blu-ray 720p, 1080p HD MKV.

A tribute to the controversial black activist and leader of the struggle for black liberation.

He hit bottom during his imprisonment in the ’50s, he became a Black Muslim and then a leader in the Nation of Islam. His assassination in 1965 left a legacy of self-determination and racial pride.


Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Release date: 18 November 1992 (USA)

Director: Spike Lee

Producers: Spike Lee, Marvin Worth

Stars: Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Delroy Lindo

Release Date: 1992

Runtime: 202mins



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