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Movie: Ocean Rescue (2023) [Chinese]

Ocean Rescue (2023) [Chinese] Full Movie Download Mp4

Ocean Rescue (2023) [Chinese] Full Movie Download Mp4

Download Movie: Ocean Rescue (2023) [Chinese] Mp4 1080p, Blu-ray 480p, 720p HD MKV.

The first maritime anti-terrorist film in China tells the story of the anti-terrorist personnel of the Chinese police who work closely with the Chinese Navy to finally end the crisis.


Filename: Ocean.Rescue.2023.480p .Chinese.WEB.DL.HC.HEVC .x265.mkv

File size: 275.55 MB

Duration: 01:33:47


Director: Dong Shen

Genre: Action

Stars: Yikuan Yan, Jingjing Qu, Isaac Fernandez, Stas Levi, Haochen Wu, Xiaoqi Ai, Youbin Li, Yong You, Vladimir Ershov, Gianluca Zoppa

Subtitle: English


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