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Nollywood Movie: Social Media 101 (2019)

Social Media 101 (2019) Nollywood Movie Download Mp4

Social Media 101 (2019) Nollywood Movie Download Mp4

Download Nollywood Movie: Social Media 101 (2019) Mp4 720p, HD MKV.

Three women run into work and relationship trouble when they get involved with social media.

In a world increasingly dominated by online interactions, their lives become entwined with the ever-evolving dynamics of digital platforms, leading to a series of unexpected and transformative experiences. As they grapple with the impact of social media on their careers and personal relationships, the women must confront both the opportunities and pitfalls that arise in this interconnected virtual landscape. Through a journey of self-discovery and adaptation, they navigate the blurred lines between the digital and real-world, ultimately seeking balance and fulfillment in the midst of the social media whirlwind.


Filename: – Social.Media.101.2019.x265.mkv

File size: -220.59 MB

Duration: 01:31:13


Title: Social Media 101

Year: 2019

Type: Movie

Country: Nigeria

Language: English

Director: Paul Iheanyichukwu Igwe

Genre: Comedy

Stars: Adebode Abdulateef, Tana Adelana, Honesty Aigbomian


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