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Movie: The Infernal Rapist (1988) [Spanish] (18+)

The Infernal Rapist (1988) [Spanish] (18+) Movie Download Mp4

The Infernal Rapist (1988) [Spanish] (18+) Movie Download Mp4

Download Movie: The Infernal Rapist (1988) [Spanish] (18+) Mp4, torrent, blu-ray, 1080p, 720p, 480p, HD MKV.

Carlos “El Gato” is a serial rapist, he’s condemned to the electric chair, but before to die he and Satan in a woman form makes a deal. Carlos return from beyond and begins to rape women and a gay guy, then he kills them.


Filename: The.INFERNAL.RAPIST.1988. SPANISH.480p.Bluray.x265.mkv

Filesize: 139.90 MB

Duration: 01:23:55


Director: Damián Acosta Esparza, José Medina

Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror

Stars: Noé Murayama, Princesa Lea, Ana Luisa Peluffo

Subtitle: English


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