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Movie: The Labyrinth (2021) [Korean]

The Labyrinth (2021) [Korean] Full Movie Download Mp4

The Labyrinth (2021) [Korean] Full Movie Download Mp4

Download Movie: The Labyrinth (2021) [Korean] Mp4, torrent, blu-ray, 1080p, 720p, 480p, Hd, MKV.

A fantasy horror movie about high school students struggling to save their friends from evil spirits that are causing strange phenomena late at night at their school. Hee Min is the heir of the greatest exorcist in Korea, who is not yet aware of his own powers. So Young is a girl who is keeping a secret about the curse that is afflicting their school.


Filename: The.Labyrinth.2021.480p. WEB.DL.x265.[9jaRocks.Com].mkv

Filesize: 112.04 MB

Duration: 01:30:05


Director: Song Woon

Genre: Fantasy, Horror

Stars: Chani, Cha Gun, Jang Gwang

Subtitle: English


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