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Movie: Fierce Cop (2022) [Thai]

Fierce Cop (2022) [Thai] Full Movie Download Mp4

Fierce Cop (2022) [Thai] Full Movie Download Mp4

Download Movie: Fierce Cop (2022) [Thai] Mp4 480p, Blu-ray 720p, 1080p HD MKV.

It tells the story of Zhang Tu, a Chinese cop in a Southeast Asian country. To save his son Xiaojie, who fell into the hands of human traffickers, he went to another country thousands of miles away with Qin Maungsu, who was a club girl and became a friend, destroying a wanted international human trafficking group.


Filename: Fierce.Cop.2022.THAI.480p .WEBRip.x265.mkv

File size: 264.82 MB

Duration: 01:26:55


Year: 2022

Type: Movie

Country: China

Language: Chinese

Director: Tai-lee Chan

Genre: Thriller

Stars: Sebrina Chen, Richie Jen, Waise Lee, Kang Yu

Subtitle: English


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