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Glo Free Browsing Cheat Working August 2021


Check out the latest Glo free browsing hack, to surf the internet without subscribing to your regular data plans, using only the Glo wtf and YouTube plans. To know how to make this work read this article.

How to activate the free browsing Cheat with Glo Wtf Data:

  • Dial *777#
  • Select “Buy data plan”
  • Choose Glo Social Media
  • Select and purchase a Glo Wtf package of your choice
  • Next, Download Thunder VPN Apk from Playstore or Download The Premium version here
  • Install & open the App, Select any country and connect
  • You can now enjoy lightening internet speed with your glo wtf data

Note: Upon Exhaustion of the Glo wtf data plan, the cheat will stop. Accumulate more wtf data to continue browsing.

How to Activate free browsing with Glo YouTube Plan:

Use your YouTube data to power all apps using Thunder VPN;

How to Subscribe to Glo YouTube Data:

Dial *777# on your device, select buy data and choose social bundle >> type 2 for Youtube and buy anyone of your choice

Note: The N50 for 1hour package gives about 1gb data available for 1hour only, While The N130 gives about 3gb data available for 3hours

How to use YouTube data to power all Apps & websites:

  • Download Thunder VPN mod Apk Here
  • Install and Run
  • Ensure to subscribe to Glo YouTube data from the above proceedures
  • Go to the VPN and connect using the Sim with Glo YouTube Data 
  • You can now Enjoy!

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