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Kelly Hansome Blasts His Baby Mama For Taking His Daughter Along To F#ck Men In Hotels


Kelly Hansome Blasts His Baby Mama For Taking His Daughter Along To F#ck Men In Hotels

Nigerian singer, Kelly Hansome has slammed his baby mama, Ronke Moradeyo for exposing their daughter to her wild and irresponsible lifestyle.

Earlier this year, the singer shared a messages he got from Moradeyo threatening him and also calling him a dead beat dad. However, new allegations by the singer has emerged, as he has called her out for taking their daughter to hotels to sleep with men.

In his words; “Let me just say this, I do not want anybody to put their mouth in what’s going on between me and my daughter. The mama dey carry her go hotel go f**k! The mama dey carry her go do stupid things, dey dance to songs wen she nor supposed to dance to. I gave her a phone and over a year I have not spoken to my daughter and you are telling people that I don’t want to talk to my daughter. Which means you are just trying to set me up. You plan with evil people to tarnish my image and frustrate my career and I didn’t know.

All the things and names of people wen you don confess to how you take spoil my name, I have all the confessions. All the receptionists of the hotels wen you don go wen I don bribe, I have it. I will publish it in due time. I don’t anybody to come and appeal ‘small pikin’ I dare any celebrity to come and say ‘Oh Kelly you are supposed to do this one’ then dem go tell me wetin dem talk wen she say I be deadbeat dad.”

To whom it may quansan, better be guided before talking sh** because you no go fit hold me o, hmm trust me. Juju never fade? E don fade now but someone will pay for all the damage done. If they act stupid, we gon act stupider because we’re stoopider than them. Ozuo. ?

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