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Movie: All These Years (2023) [Chinese]

All These Years (2023) [Chinese] Full Movie Download Mp4

All These Years (2023) [Chinese] Full Movie Download Mp4

Download Movie: All These Years (2023) [Chinese] Mp4 480p, Blu-ray 720p, 1080p HD WEB.DL.HC.x265. AAC.GPTHD.mkv.

Have you ever imagined reuniting with your ex? Will you hold on tightly or run away? The story follows small-town girl Chen Jian Xia and the rebellious yet kind Li Ran.

Chen Jian Xia grew up in a patriarchal environment. At Zhenhua, she meets school delinquent Li Ran, and he becomes the only light in Chen Jian Xia’s life. They redeem each other but regrettably part ways.

Many years later, they meet again. “It’s not that I’ve fallen in love again. In reality, I’ve never stopped loving you.”


File size: 217.22 MB

Duration: 01:56:01


Title: All These Years/Zhe Me Duo Nian

Year: 2023

Type: Movie

Country: China

Language: Chinese

Director: Layla Zhuqing Ji

Genre: Drama

Stars: Steven Zhang, Qian Sun

Subtitle: English


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