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Reactions as Cross reveals Ilebaye’s real age during argument

Reactions as Cross reveals Ilebaye’s real age during argument

BBNaija season 8 All Stars Housemate, Cross has confirmed Ilebaye’s age during a recent argument that took place in the house.

While expressing his frustration at the housemate, Cross confirmed that Ilebaye is indeed 22 years old.

Ilebaye’s age had been a topic of controversy after the actress’ throwback video on the set of Papa Ajasco was shared online.

Some netizens claimed that Ilebaye should currently be more than 22 years old for her to have participated in the show.

However, in a heated confrontation in the house, Doyin had expressed a deep sense of regret, admitting that they had initially dismissed Whitemoney’s warnings about Ilebaye’s behavior.

Doyin acknowledged that the viewers had likely already formed their opinions and perceptions of Ilebaye based on her calculated actions.

She said;

“Ilebaye has been playing a game. When i realized it, i felt so stupid. But it’s too late, the viewers would have given the money to her. Whitemoney was the first person to tell it to me but i called it bluff. We’ve all been fooled.”

Cross, visibly shocked by the revelation, expressed his doubt, questioning how they could have been so easily fooled by someone younger than themselves.

At 33 years old, Cross believed that his life experiences would have made him more discerning, yet Ilebaye managed to deceive them all.

He said;

“How did we not see it? I Am 33, She Is 22, how did she fool us all.”

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