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Some Instagram Posts Which Reminds Us ”The Ordinary Nigerian Bears The Brunt Of It Every Time.”


 Some Instagram Posts Which Reminds Us “The Ordinary Nigerian Bears The Brunt Of It Every Time.”

Posts from Trevor noah, a South African comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host. He is known for hosting The Daily Show

Trevor Noah

Posts From Nigerians

Rinse and repeat, you hate to see it💔 The “ordinary Nigerian” bears the brunt of it every time. We need to understand that the world operates on a value system, not emotions. Shoprite would be irrelevant by now if there’s a Nigerian brand in their niche that’s offering better value than they are. But our consumerism mentality only inspires us to patronise, never to create. Why would I be using an MTN sim or any other sim apart from Glo if all Glo services were good? When they didn’t swear for me. Glo 4G is 0.2G in my house. I sure as hell won’t use it just cos it’s Nigerian. There’s no value in it for me. Nigerians watch DSTv and will still continue to do so cos it’s still arguably the best out of all the available options. Value. Even if it isn’t the best, there’s no Nigerian brand offering that same value. TSTv, a Nigerian brand, had potential to threaten them and then suddenly it disappeared. The elite…they clean up nice. So in the end, all these “South African brands” are as Nigerian as you and I. Owned and run by Nigerians. What’s my point? We’re losing on both ends. Nigerians being attacked and killed in South Africa… Nigerians being attacked and killed in Nigeria. Not one South African has been affected by this both here and there. The “South African brands” being targeted here have insurance, so they’re good. People are also using this as an opportunity to loot those places, so this whole revenge theory is already invalidated, and we’re just embarrassing ourselves further… perpetrating this criminal stereotype the international community has of us. All this because we have little to no value to offer one another as a nation… that’s why we run outside in the first place, and even risk death or incarceration just to make sure we don’t come back. This is the lesson we’re refusing to learn, and the more we refuse, the harder it’ll become. It’s a big chess game, and we’re all pawns. In a few days, all this fake outrage would be long forgotten as people are watching BBNaija on DSTv and voting for their favourite housemate on their MTN line. Let’s not hold our unbothered government accountable, let’s hurt each other instead👏🏽🤡
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